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Hello to all of our dear followers,

First, an apology. We are so sorry to have been away the last few weeks. Life has been tossing a few nasty curve balls at us lately, and it’s been difficult to keep up the blog. But we’re back! And better than ever…

We decided to move over to wordpress.org so we could build a new site exactly to our liking, with a prettier layout and cooler features. The problem is that we are now posting from a different web address, so you will no longer get our updates as a follower of this blog. And that really sucks, because we love you, and need you. Frankly, if you don’t come over there to visit us we’ll just be writing for ourselves. And that’s nice in an existential way, but not nearly as much fun as it is to interact with you. So check us out at HerculesGetsAPassport.com and if you are so inclined, you can follow us by email there. (Or on Facebook, Twitter, etc, as we are admitted social media addicts. The first step is admitting it, right?) And we promise we will get back to writing our hearts out on a regular basis and keep you entertained.

Thanks a million for reading, commenting, and just being the awesome followers you are. Hope to see you soon!

Marina, Kevin, & Hercules

P.S. We’d love feedback on the new site, good or bad!